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Welcome to Karuizawa Gardenfarm! 
Reservation for Winter-Strawberry-Picking

Varieties of strawberries

* notice:depending on the growth season all strawberry varieties may not be available.

Beni-Hoppe (standard-course and Premium-course)
Popular variety.

Good smell strawberry.

Dark red strawberry.

It tastes like a strawberry milk.

Large strawberry.

Newly-developed strawberry.

Admission Fees

*Tax inclusive

Standard Course (BeniHoppe - all you want to eat for 30minutes)
Senior(Ages 70 and over):1,200yen
Adult(Ages 13 and over):2,300yen
Child(Ages 6-12):1,200yen
Small Child(Ages 4-5):800yen
Under 4 years old:free
Premium Course (compare multiple varieties - all you want to eat for 40minutes)
Senior(Ages 70 and over):1,700yen
Adult(Ages 13 and over):2,800yen
Child(Ages 6-12):1,700yen
Small Child(Ages 4-5):1,300yen
Under 4 years old:free
Sell-by-Weight Course
Just pay for what you have picked.
6yen / 1g
* 1pack contains about 250grams.
How to enjoy the "Sell-by-weight Course" LinkIcon
Business Hours
From 10am to 15pm.
Please tell us which course you are choosing at reception when you arrive.
There are temporary closure because of the weather, strawberry condition, and so on . Please check our schedule.
You might not be able to choose "Standard Course" and "Premium Course" when you arrive dew to the strawberry condition, we ask for your kind understanding.


  • When you come to our farm by private car or car rental, please set the address to "Mitsui-no-mori Karuizawa Country Golf Club"(tel:0267-48-3105) instead of our farm address or our phone number in the car navigation GPS system.


How To Book


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The recommendation of our Karuizawa gardenfarm

Good views Plateau

Warm climate in the Greenhouse